HR Consultation

The personnel of every company has their own special joys and sorrows. Because of this, HR factory offers consultations during which we analyse your company and determine whether your company’s objectives and the methods adopted for achieving them support one another.


Assessment of people

Assessment of employees helps to develop more successful leaders, improve teamwork and determine training needs. We can help you see if and how the person currently participating in the recruitment process would fit into your team, or how to restructure your company. We use the ProfileXT system for profile analysis which allows us to objectively assess the character of a person and determine their professional capabilities and behavioural patterns. For this, a person has to take an online test, after which we can easily compare their profile with the profile of the potential job, using graphical results. Find out more about the means of assessment of Profiles International.
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HR audit

Every organisation could use an impartial professional opinion every once in a while to assess the effectiveness of its recruitment process and chosen equipment and the correctness of its HR documents. HR factory will analyse your HR processes and documents in order to detect possible shortcomings, and make your work more efficient.
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Good reporting helps to ensure that you always have a proper overview of your human resources and can access necessary information quickly and easily. We will set up a functional reporting system for you that is easy to manage and develop later, so that reporting in your company works in your favour.
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Development of an employer brand

Employer’s image is important both when it comes to recruiting new employees and for motivating the already existing ones. We will help you design job ads, map out interview processes and make inquiries among the current employees to see how they think satisfaction could be increased.
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Job satisfaction survey

We may think we know our employees well, but they always have joys and worries that they do not wish to discuss publicly. With our job satisfaction survey we will help to discover what is hidden beneath the surface.
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Results Only Work Environment

The main principle of a Results Only Work Environment is that it is the results that matter, not the number of hours spent in the office. We will help you determine whether flexible working hours could work for your company and guide you in making the necessary changes.
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Our Clients and Partners

Our clients range from big international companies with thousands of employees to small local businesses. All of them have a common desire to get professional support in the matters of the fast-changing job market. Get in touch with us so that we can help you make your HR processes more efficient and thus get closer to fulfilling your business purposes.

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